Nr. 49

Wilderness Leadership Adv. (R-49)

Vildmarksleder II

The requirements for the Advanced Wilderness Leadership Honor are as follows:


  1. Have the Wilderness Leadership Pathfinder Honor.


  2. Christian Leadership:
    1. Repeat and explain Psalm 91.
    2. Show a knowledge of present and future needs of Adventist leadership as outlined in the Desire of Ages, Chapter 10, Education, Chapter 1, and the Great Controversy, Chapters 36-40. Explain God's plan of country-based missions to cities to bring people out.
    3. show an understanding of the basic principles of righteousness through faith in Christ.
    4. Lead at least one person into a joyful relationship with Christ and the Holy Spirit which he wants to share with others.


  3. Outdoor Skill Leadership:
    1. Grow a successful garden and preserve foods by dehydration, Canning, and root cellaring.
    2. Assist in building a log cabin or bungalow of lumber, or other material for use as an outpost, or present a house plan and produce clothing by spinning, weaving, sewing, etc.
    3. Present a plan for the country base of outpost evangelism complete with drawing of homes, orchards, vineyards, gardens, etc.
    4. Present a plan for the city mission of health evangelism: health food store, health restaurant, clinic, lecture hall, literature ministry, etc.


  4. Wilderness Skill Leadership:
    1. Spend five days living in the wilderness without a tent, sleeping bag or food from home. Use only clothing worn, survival kit, kettle, Canteen, and one tool such as a machete or axe. Build a primitive shelter and bed and sleep in it each night, foraging for food, cutting wood and cooking at least two meals per day.
    2. Show a balanced menu of wild plant food for five days in a wilderness area indicating the approximate nutrients of each plant.
    3. Cook wild plant foods in five hand-made containers you have made of wild materials during a wilderness campout.
    4. Teach at least one wilderness skill (Pathfinder Honor) to a group.
    5. Explain the ecological zones of the world and typical habitats which furnish food, fiber and shelter for survival, and how you would utilize these materials in ten different zones or countries.
    6. Serve as an assistant director or full instructor in a Pathfinder Wilderness Living Camp.
Skill Level 3