Nr. 48

Wilderness Leadership (R-48)

Vildmarksleder I

The requirements for the Wilderness Leadership Honor are as follows:


  1. Christian Leadership:
    1. Repeat and explain Psalm 121.
    2. Serve as a squad leader in a wilderness living campout.
    3. Demonstrate spiritual leadership of the squad to the satisfaction of the director.


  2. Woodcraft Experience:
    1. Have the Wilderness Living honor.
    2. Have a current Basic First Aid certificate from the International Red Cross.
    3. Earn the Edible Wild Plants honor.
    4. Have a personal survival kit of 25 items in a waterproof belt pouch, and demonstrate the best use of each item.
    5. Earn the Rock Climbing honor.
    6. Earn the Campcraft and Pioneering honors.


  3. Woodcraft Leadership:
    1. Assist in teaching a group the principles of health and safety to be used when camping (see Wilderness Living).
    2. Assist in teaching signalling and rescue.
    3. Teach a group the use of survival kit items.
    4. Assist in teaching one wilderness craft.
    5. Describe symptoms of dehydration, give minimum water requirements, and demonstrate five methods of water collection.
    6. Explain to a group what to do in two survival situations if they were lost, stranded, or injured.
    7. Discuss survival techniques vital in jungle, desert, swamp, mountain (rocks, ice, high altitude), temperate forest, plain and tundra.
    8. Direct a search and rescue operation involving a hidden "injured" camper.
    9. Explain how you would care for a small group stranded in the spring or autumn.
    10. Receive approval from the wilderness leadership camp director for your woodcraft leadership in camp.
Skill Level 2