Nr. 44

Tumbling and Balancing (R-44)

Akrobatik I

(Instructor Required)

The requirements for the Tumbling and Balancing Honor are as follows:


  1. List safety precautions each performer and spotter should follow.


  2. Describe the basic positions:
    1. Tuck
    2. Pike
    3. Lay-out
    4. Hyper-extension (arch)
    5. Squat
    6. Straddle
    7. Standing position (extension)


  3. Perform the following individual stunts with form and poise:
    1. Tuck forward roll from squat
    2. Pike forward roll from standing position
    3. Dive roll (length equal to one's height)
    4. Tuck backward roll from squat
    5. Backward roll from standing position
    6. Straddle legged backward roll from extension
    7. Swedish fall
    8. Frogstand (knee-elbow stand)
    9. Headstand from frogstand
    10. Headstand
    11. Handstand
    12. One-handed cartwheel


  4. Perform with form and poise any six of the following stunts with a partner:
    1. Chest stand
    2. Thigh stand
    3. Knee-shoulder balance
    4. Front angel balance
    5. Shoulder stand
    6. High planche
    7. Low knee support
    8. Thigh balance
    9. Front angel straddling waist
Skill Level 2