Nr. 41

Swimming (R-41)

FrisvÝmmer I

The requirements for the Swimming Honor are as follows:

Receive the Red Cross or YMCA certificate or equivalent in Swimming OR pass the following requirements:


  1. Swim continuously in a coordinated and effective manner the following strokes and distances:
    1. Breaststroke for 50 yards
    2. Sidestroke for 100 yards
    3. Back crawl for 50 yards
    4. Crawl for 100 yards
  2. Swim 25 yards continuously on the back, legs alone, using either the inverted breaststroke kick or the inverted scissors kick.
  3. Demonstrate an effective turn in a closed course on the following:
    1. Front
    2. Side
    3. Back
  4. Surface dive in good form to a depth of eight feet and swim a minimum distance of 20 feet under water.
  5. In good form, do a pike and tuck surface dive.
  6. In good form, do a shallow plunge dive (racing start) and continue in stroke.
  7. In good form, do a running front dive off both feet from a deck and from a springboard.
  8. In good form, do a stride jump into deep water from the edge of a pool or dock keeping the face above the surface of the water at all times.
  9. In good form, do a snail scull for five yards.
  10. In good form, do a canoe scull for five yards.
  11. Using any or all of the strokes learned heretofore, swim continuously for ten minutes.
  12. Demonstrate artificial resuscitation.
  13. Know the causes and prevention of accidents that can occur in or near the water.
Skill Level 2