Nr. 39

Springboard Diving (R-39)

Udspring fra vippe

The requirements for the Springboard Diving Honor are as follows:


  1. Demonstrate properly the following dives:*
    1. Swan
    2. Front somersault (tuck)
    3. Hall twist


  2. Demonstrate properly two of the following dives:*
    1. Sailor dive
    2. Half twist
    3. Cutaway
    4. Somersault front one and one-half
    5. Back dive
    6. Back knife
    7. Back jack
    8. Half gainer (tuck, pike, or layout)


  3. State the safety depths of water under a one-meter board, a three-meter board, and a tower. How far should the board project over the pool? What boards are recommended?

    *Basis of Judging: Attention position for running dives; attention position on end of board for standing dives based on the following:

    1. Approach
    2. Spring
    3. Way body is carried through the air (layout, tuck, or pike)
    4. Entry into water
Skill Level 2