Nr. 27

Outdoor Leadership Adv. (R-27)

Fører II

The requirements for the Advanced Outdoor Leadership Honor are as follows:


  1. Have the Outdoor Leadership Honor.


  2. Earn three honors from the Wilderness Master Award.


  3. Have the First Aid and CPR Honors, which must be earned or retaken within two years of receiving the Outdoor Leadership Honor. In addition to these honors know the prevention and symptoms of, and first aid treatment for the following:
    1. Hypothermia
    2. Venomous snake bite
    3. Heat and sun stroke
    4. Heat exhaustion
    5. Poison ivy and poison oak reaction
    6. Open wound infection
    7. Altitude sickness
    8. Dehydration


  4. Prepare outlines and present seven different worships to be shared during a camping experience. Utilize scriptural texts and principals, and illustrate these with examples available during the camping experience.


  5. Outline a personal testimony that could be used to start a friendship between a person and Christ. The testimony could include how Jesus became your personal Savior, a miracle that has happened in your life, etc. Present this testimony to a group of youth in an outdoor setting.


  6. Know how to control the panic of somone who is lost.


  7. Develop a search and rescue plan for a specific location, 50 acres or more, in your area. This plan should utilize at least ten individuals, and you should coordinate each one's activity and search zone. List specific equipment that might be needed for communication, first aid, and victim transport appropriate for the chosen location.


  8. Outline your philosophy for wilderness etiquette. Participate in one to three hours of a wilderness conservation project.


  9. Teach at least one honor found in the Wilderness Master group.


  10. Know at least four objectives for outdoor leadership in each of the following categories:
    1. Physical
    2. Social
    3. Personal
    4. Spiritual


  11. Know the difference between juniors (10-12 years old) and teens (13-15 years old) in the following areas:
    1. Physical
    2. Emotional
    3. Mental
    4. Spiritual


  12. Have seven of the following honors. Any of the honors earned more than two years ago should be restudied so that you can answer any of the knowledge questions included in the honor.
    1. Animal Tracking
    2. Birds
    3. Ecology
    4. Edible Wild Plants
    5. Ferns
    6. Flowers
    7. Fungi
    8. Geology
    9. Grasses
    10. Insects
    11. Mammals
    12. Marine Invertebrates
    13. Reptiles
    14. Rocks and Minerals
    15. Shells
    16. Spiders
    17. Stars
    18. Trees
    19. Weather


  13. Plan, organize, and carry out one of the following for one weekend with a group of not less than five:
    1. Outdoor spiritual retreat
    2. Canoe trip
    3. Bicycle trip
    4. Horseback trip
    5. Backpack trip
Skill Level 3