Nr. 09

Caving Adv. (R-9)

Huler II

The requirements for the Advanced Caving Honor are as follows:


  1. Obtain geological survey maps of the area where you go caving. Locate on them all of the caves you have explored Learn to use these maps to find new caves. Know where to find cave information in your library to add to these maps.
  2. Be able to give an explanation of how these caves were formed; what they have in common; what can be expected in their physical characteristics, such as the types and extent of speleothems, effects of water, and the presence and nature of fossils and of life forms.
  3. obtain proper rappelling equipment and learn how to use it from your instructor. Plan and execute a caving trip where it is necessary to rappel at least forty feet and climb back out.
  4. Conduct a biological survey or geological survey of a cave system. Photograph single specimens and identify every feature or living thing found within the cave.
  5. Log 100 hours of caving experience. Keep accurate records of each caving trip.
  6. Lead an exploring party in a cave you have seen before.
Skill Level 2