Nr. 08

Caving (R-8)

Huler I

The requirements for the Caving Honor are as follows:


  1. Obtain the following from a large hardware, sports or army surplus store. Either one metal carbide light, one 2 lb. can of carbide, and a repair kit, OR one battery operated headlamp, extra bulbs, and long life batteries, preferably alkaline.

    Completely dismantle and reassemble the lamp to become familiar with every part. Know how to ream the jet or change bulbs, and how to replace any parts. Determine the amount of time your lamp will burn before it noticeably diminishes in intensity. Know the advantages of each type of light listed above.

  2. Study a caving book such as those listed above or find out from your instructor what other equipment you need for a safe and successful caving trip. Obtain all of the personal gear you need. (This does not include rope climbing equipment.)
  3. Locate someone already experienced in caving and join them in exploring a number of relatively easy caves during several trips, until you have accumulated a total of twenty hours of caving experience.
  4. Keep a log of these caving experiences, noting date, cave location, cave conditions, interesting cave features, hours in cave, names of persons in exploring group, and signature of trip leader for each cave explored.
  5. Learn the rules of safe caving and of cave conservation. Be able to relate these to your examiner.
  6. Do at least one brakebar rappel and one prusik of more than ten feet. Be able to ascend and descend a wire or rope cable ladder on belay, a minimum of 25 feet.
  7. Describe several ways caves were used in Bible times.
  8. Know the names of at least five different speleothems and how they are formed, and three cave dwelling animals and their distinctive features.
  9. Make friends with at least one cave owner. Determine what he expects of cavers exploring his cave, and do more than he expects you to do in following these direction.
  10. Write a paper of at least 1000 words on your caving experience so far, include all you have learned while carrying out the requirements of the honor.
Skill Level 2