Nr. 04

Beginner’s Swimming (R-4)

Svømmer I

Kravene er de samme som skolernes ”Begynderprøve”.

Spejderen skal kunne:

- dykke under,

- glide gennem,

- flyde på,

- puste ud i,

- springe i,

- bevæge sig gennem vandet.


The requirements for the Beginner's Swimming Honor are as follows:

Receive the Red Cross or YMCA certificate or equivalent in Beginner's Swimming OR pass the following requirements:


  1. Breath Holding. Face fully submerged, breath to be held at least ten seconds.
  2. Rhythmic Breathing. Alternately inhale through the mouth above the surface and exhale through the mouth and nose, with head completely submerged, ten times rhythmically and continuously.
  3. Prone Float. In waist-deep water lie face down on the water and return to standing position without assistance or support.
  4. Prone Glide. Push off face down in waist-deep water, take a prone position, glide a distance of at least two body lengths, and recover to a standing position.
  5. Supine Float. Assume a supine floating position face up in waist-deep water, hold the position with the face above water for at least ten seconds, and return to a standing position unaided.
  6. Supine Glide. From a position in waist-deep water, with arms at sides, sit back, push oft, glide a distance of at least one body length, and resume standing position in a confident and easy manner.
  7. Kick Glide on the Front In waist-deep water push oft in prone gliding position, pick up the beginner's leg stroke in a smooth and unhurried manner, and kick a distance of three body lengths before resuming standing position.
  8. Kick Glide on the Back In waist-deep water take a supine gliding position, using the beginner's leg stroke while supine for a distance of three body lengths, and recover to standing position with ease.
  9. Arm Stroke. (Human Stroke or Dog Paddle) In waist-deep water assume a prone position with face buried and, with legs trailing or kicking gently, do the arm stroke in series, pull and recover the arms, and make progress thereby.
  10. Arm Stroke Supine. In waist-deep water start back glide, then propel self using "fin" method.
  11. Combine Stroke on the Front In water of standing depth swim a coordinated beginner's stroke continuously for a distance of 20 to 25 yards.
  12. Combine Stroke on the Back. In water of standing depth swim a minimum distance of ten yards comfortably and somewhat easily using finning and the beginner's flutter kick in combination.
  13. Change of Direction. In water of standing depth start swimming the beginner's stroke prone and, in stroke, make an abrupt right angle turn. Repeat the test, making a turn to the left. Finally, demonstrate ability to make a complete turn.
  14. Turning Over. Start swimming prone in water chest deep. From the front swimming position, roll onto the back and remain there floating motionless or resting in a floating position, then resume swimming position and continue swimming.
  15. Leveling Off. Wade to position in neck-deep water, then turn and face the shallow water. With a minimum of push-oft from the bottom, swim to waist-deep water before standing.
  16. Survival Float. Start in deep water over the head; assume the resting position with the body vertical in the water and the face also in the water; by motion of the arms and legs, raise the head out of the water; exhale and inhale and resume resting position.
  17. Feet Foremost Jump Into Waist-deep Water. This test should finish with a glide, a kick glide, or the combined beginner's stroke prone.
  18. Jump Into Deep Water, Level, and Swim.
  19. Plain Front Header. This test should be done from a solid deck at a low elevation over water neck deep. Finish by emerging and swimming a little way along the surface.
  20. Jump into deep water, level oft, and swim 15 yards. Without stopping or touching, turn about and swim back to the starting point.
  21. Do a plain front header from a deck or dock, level off, and swim 15 yards, turn about, and start swimming back. Halfway back, turn to the supine position and rest either motionless or with gentle paddling movements for 15 seconds. Turn back again to front swimming position and swim to starting point.
  22. On land, demonstrate the proper way to put on a personal flotation device.
  23. Show how to release a cramp from a survival float position in neck-deep water and progress to deep water.
  24. From a deck or dock do an arm and leg extension rescue. Do an extension rescue using a pole, towel, or shirt.
  25. Demonstrate artificial respiration.
  26. Know the causes of and methods of prevention for accidents that can occur in or near the water.
Skill Level 1