Nr. 01

Archery (R-1)

Bueskydning I

The requirements for the Archery Honor are as follows:


  1. Identify the parts of a bow.
  2. Identify the parts of an arrow.
  3. Name and explain the safety rules for archery.
  4. Correctly and safely string a bow.
  5. Describe and show how to use the following:
    1. Arm guard
    2. Finger tab or glove
    3. Quiver
    4. Bow sling
    5. String kisser
  6. Demonstrate the following shooting techniques:
    1. The stance
    2. Nocking the arrow
    3. The draw
    4. The anchor
    5. The hold and aim
    6. The release
    7. The follow-through
  7. Why is it necessary to have an arrow "nocking point" properly positioned on the bow string?
  8. Shoot the required score for the National Archery Association Junior Bowman Round or its equivalent.
  9. Know and practice the archery safety rules.
Skill Level 1