Nr. 06

ADRA: Refugee Resettlement


Skill Level 2

1.  Be at least in the 8th grade.

2. Explain why refugees from other countries arrive in your nation. What are the causes and what governmental authorities must certify each case before the individual or family is allowed to travel?

3. List the immediate needs that a refugee has when they arrive in your country. Describe the feelings that the refugee may have about a new language, culture and environment.

4. Find out about the organizations in your community that assist refugees and immigrants. Use the telephone or visit the office of at least one such organization and ask how they would assist if your local church were to cosponsor a newly-arrived refugee with ADRA or Adventist Community Services.

5. Write a plan of at least 500 words describing the arrangements that your local church could make if it were the cosponsor with ADRA or Adventist Community Services for a refugee arriving in your community.

6. Interview a person who immigrated to your country. Ask them about the contrast between the culture in your community and the community where they were raised. Ask them to describe the process they went through to become comfortable in your community. Take notes during the interview.

7. Give a report of at least 10 minutes duration to a Sabbath School program, Pathfinder Club church committee or civic club on what you have discovered in completing the requirements for this honor. Tell why the refugee situation is so important and make specific recommendations to the group of ways in which they can help meet the needs of refugees.