Nr. 04

ADRA: Disaster Response


Skill Level 2

1. Explain the type of damage most likely to occur to homes and individuals for each of the following major types of disaster, and indicate for each in which parts of the world does it occur most frequently:

a. Hurricane/Typhoon

b. Tornado

c. Floods

d. Earthquake

e. Wildfire

f. Chemical spill

g. Nuclear accident

2. Describe briefly the types of services provided to survivors of disasters in your nation by ADRA or Adventist Community Services (ACS).

3. View a video report from ADRA or ACS concerning a recent disaster response project and discuss with your instructor, Pathfinder Club counselor, teacher or group the key roles that would be necessary in the disaster response team in order to accomplish the work described in the video.

4. Complete the official ADRA introductory training unit provided by your national ADRA office or ACS organization.

5. Describe at least one of these other major disaster response organizations and the kind of relationship that ADRA or ACS has with it:

a. Red Cross


c. Food banks

6. Explain the role of government officials when a disaster occurs, identify the key government agency in your nation that manages emergency response, and describe the nature of the relationship that your ADRA or ACS country office has with this government agency.

7. Find a Bible text that you might use to comfort and encourage an individual of your same age and gender who has just experienced the total loss of their home, and tell why you chose that text.