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ADRA: Community Assessment

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Skill Level 3

1 Select an urban or suburban neighborhood, a small town or a rural region to focus on in the completion of the requirements for this honor.

2. Compile a file folder of information on the selected community, including:

a. A map of the area

b. A demographic profile

c. Public health statistics

d. Economic indicators

e. Housing information

f. Environment and transportation

3. With a friend or assigned partner take an awareness walk of at least 45 minutes through a specific part of the selected community with the goal in mind of seeing human needs. List all of the needs you se_ such as yards and public areas that could be cleaned up, litter that could be picked up, lonely or aged people that could be helped, low-income families with children that could be assisted, etc.

4. Interview at least one civic leader or community professional in the selected community. Ask this person about the needs in the community, the various organizations that provide services in the community, and how a Christian youth group might make a contribution to the community.  Take notes during the interview.

5. Prepare a report of at least 10 pages on the selected community based on the information that you have collected and suggesting specific projects that ADRA or the local Adventist Community Services organization, or Youth Emergency Service (YES) Corps unit might provide which are needed in the community.

6. Make a presentation of at least 15 minutes based on the report to a local church committee, Adventist Community Services unit, or similar group.