Nr. 56

Marine Mammals


The requirements for the  Honor are as follows:


  1. Be able to identify three of each of the following and know where each is found. Know at least one by scientific name from each group:
    1. Toothed Whales
    2. Baleen Whales
    3. Seals
    4. Dolphins


  2. Know the story of how God used a whale in Bible times.


  3. What is the largest mammal in the sea?


  4. Explain the following words:
    1. Breaching
    2. Echolocation
    3. Spyhopping
    4. Baleen
    5. Pod
    6. Harem
    7. Plankton


  5. Draw a food chain of two different marine mammals.


  6. What is the purpose of blubber?


  7. Know two reasons that seals are hunted.


  8. Describe why seals and dolphins can move so quickly in the water.


  9. Do one of the following:
    1. Take a trip to an aquarium. Find out the daily feeding schedule of a marine mammal.
    2. Do a 750-word report on a marine mammal. Include pictures.
Skill Level 2