Nr. 52

Weather Adv. (N-52)

Vejret II

The requirements for the Advanced Weather honor are as follows:


  1. Explain cyclonic and anitcyclonic weather conditions and know how they bring about weather changes.


  2. What are cold fronts and warm fronts? How do they move and what weather conditions do they produce?


  3. Explain the following weather conditions:
    1. Chinook winds
    2. Trade winds
    3. Belt of calms
    4. Tornadoes
    5. Squall line
    6. Typhoons
    7. Hurricanes
    8. Blizzards
    9. Ice storm


  4. Explain the action of a registering thermometer, registering barograph, hygrometer, and an anemometer. Identify each personally or from pictures.


  5. Correctly read a daily weather map as published by the National Weather Service, explaining the symbols and telling how predictions are made.


  6. What is meant by relative humidity and dewpoint?


  7. Draw a cross section of the atmosphere, showing its five layers. Describe each layer.


  8. Keep a daily weather chart for three weeks to include the following:
    1. Amount of precipitation
    2. Barometer reading
    3. Cloud formation
    4. High and low temperature
    5. Dew or frost in the morning
    6. Wind speed and direction
    7. National Weather Service forecast and compare forecast with what really happened.
Skill Level 2