Nr. 51

Weather (N-51)

Vejret I

The requirements for the Weather honor are as follows:


  1. Explain how each of the following is formed:
    1. Fog
    2. Rain
    3. Dew
    4. Snow
    5. Sleet
    6. Hail
    7. Frost


  2. Identify either in the sky or from pictures five different types of clouds and know what kind of weather is associated with each.


  3. Explain the action of a mercury or spirit thermometer, a mercury barometer, an aneroid barometer, and a rain gauge.


  4. Why is it rainy on the west side of the Pacific coast mountains and dry on the east side?


  5. Why is it cooler and more moist in the mountains than in the lowlands?


  6. Show with the help of a diagram how the earth's relationship to the sun produces the four seasons.


  7. What causes lightning and thunder? What different kinds of lightning are there?


  8. Show with the help of a diagram what convection is. What is its relation to winds?


  9. Explain how radar, satellites, and computers are used in weather forecasting.


  10. Tell how the following can affect our weather:
    1. Jet stream
    2. Volcano eruption


  11. Make a drawing showing the water cycle in weather.


  12. Make a simple wind vane or rain gauge.


  13. Keep a weather chart for one week and record readings at 12-hour intervals. Include the following:
    1. Temperature
    2. Moisture (dew, fog, rain, frost, or snow)
    3. Cloud formation
    4. Wind direction
Skill Level 1