Nr. 43

Shells (N-43)

Snegle og muslinger I

The requirements for the Shells honor are as follows:


  1. What is the meaning of term 'mollusk?'


  2. Identify from shells or drawings the following:
    1. Mantle
    2. Foot
    3. Teeth
    4. Ribs
    5. Valve
    6. Dorsal border
    7. Apex
    8. Operculum
    9. Canal


  3. What seashores of the United States furnish the best shelling beaches? Locate these beaches on a map.


  4. Are all shells found on beaches? Where else are they found?


  5. What areas of the world offer the largest variety of shells?


  6. Describe the movement of shells from place to place.


  7. How do shell animals protect themselves?


  8. How are shells made and from what materials are they made?


  9. Name in common terms five different classes of shells and show a shell for each class.


  10. Make a collection of and classify 20 different shells, telling where each is found and when it came into your possession.


  11. Explain the terms 'univalve' and 'bivalve' as applied to shells.


  12. What is the source of pearls? What spiritual lessons does the pearl teach us? (You will find help in Christ's Object Lessons, pages 115 to 118.)


  13. Answer the following questions:
    1. Water creatures were created on what day?
    2. How many water creatures does the Bible say there are?
    3. In what environment does the Bible say water creatures perish?
    4. What water creature did Job consider of great value?
    5. Solomon was acquainted with what part of the animal world?
    6. What two spiritual lessons did Jesus teach with the use of a shell product?
    7. What businesswoman in the Bible was engaged in the selling of purple dyes secured from what shell?
    8. Paul encouraged Christians to be more concerned with beautifying their lives with the righteousness of Jesus than with trying to make themselves more attractive by the wearing of what shell product?
    9. What shell creatures are unfit for food?
    10. From what shell product are the 12 gates of the Holy City made?


    (The following texts may be of help in answering these questions [they are not in order!]: Lev. 11:9,10; Acts 16:14; Isa. 50:2; Rev. 21:21; 1 Tim 2:9; Gen. 1:20, 21; 1 Kings 4:33; Ps. 104:25; Matt. 7:6; 13:45, 46; and Job 28:18)
Skill Level 2