Nr. 27

Lichens, Liverworts & Mosses (N-27)

Mos og lav

The requirements for the Lichens, Liverworts, & Mosses honor are as follows:


  1. Know the life cycle of a moss, lichen, or liverwort.


  2. Make a small terrarium or "eternal garden" using mosses and lichens.


  3. Find and identify five lichens, one liverwort, and six mosses.


  4. Name at least three ways moss has played a significant role in the economy of man.


  5. Observe the spore caps of several different kinds of moss under a magnifying glass to see the differences in 'hair caps' and 'teeth' that separate many species.


  6. What are lichens?


  7. Name at least two ways lichens have been of value to man.


  8. How are liverworts different than all other green plants? Name on often used in aquariums. What is its use?
Skill Level 3