Nr. 25

Insects (N-25)

Insekter I

The requirements for the Insects honor are as follows:


  1. Do one of the following:
    1. Make a collection of 20 species of insects representing at least six different orders. (No moths or butterflies and no carelessly mounted specimens will be acceptable.)
      1. Place on each specimen a label showing the locality where caught, the date caught, and the collector's name. Labels should not be larger than 1/4" x 3/4".
      2. Identify insects with common names on second labels to be mounted below the first.
      3. Arrange all specimens neatly in an insect box according to orders. Orders should be pinned to the box rather than attached to the individual insect pins.
    2. Make colored drawings or paintings of 20 species of insects, representing at least six different orders. Drawings or paintings need to be life size or larger, to show the details of small insects, and in natural coloring. Label the drawings with common names.
    3. Take color pictures of 20 species of insects, representing at least six different orders. All pictures should be close-ups and properly labelled, showing where photographed, the date photographed, and the common name.


  2. What are the distinguishing characteristics of an insect?


  3. Name five species of injurious insects and tell how to control them.


  4. Name five species of useful insects.


  5. Tell two Bible stories in which insects played an important part.
Skill Level 1