Nr. 13

Edible Wild Plants (N-13)

Spiselige planter

The requirements for the Edible Wild Plants honor are as follows:


  1. Identify in the wild 15 edible wild plants.


  2. Identify in the wild or from pictures five trees and five shrubs which are edible.


  3. Identify, prepare, and eat three kinds of wild berries or fruits, three kinds of beverages, three salad plants, three potherbs (greens), and two tubers or roots.


  4. Demonstrate how to prepare five parts of the cattail for food.


  5. Demonstrate how to prepare four parts of the common milkweed or daylily for food.


  6. Explain how to identify three 'odd-shaped' edible fungi and how to identify the deadly Amanitas.


  7. The roots of what two water plants were dried and ground into meal by the Indians?


  8. What is the cardinal edibility rule?
Skill Level 2