Nr. 04

Birds (N-4)

Fugle I

The requirements for the Birds honor are as follows:


  1. Give two characteristics which set birds apart from all other creatures.


  2. Name three flightless birds, tell what they eat, and name the country or continent in which each one lives.


  3. Give the day of the week when birds were created. Find in the bible the names of five birds and be able to name them from memory.


  4. Write or give orally three ways in which God's love and purpose is shown in the creation of birds.


  5. Make a list of thirty species of wild birds, including birds from at least five different orders, that you personally have observed and positively identified by sight out of doors.


  6. Make a list of five species of wild birds that you personally have positively identified by sound out of doors.


  7. Do one of the following:
    1. Set up a feeding station and report on the bird visitors observed for a period of seven days.
    2. Find a bird's nest, identify the species of bird that built it, describe the nest in detail, observe the nest for five days, and report what happened at the nest on each of the days.
Skill Level 1