Nr. 16



The requirements for the Genealogy honor are as follows:
  1. What is genealogy?
    • Genealogy is the study of family history. An account of the descent of a person, family. The study of family pedigrees.


  2. Define a primary source versus a secondary source for documentation.
    • A primary Source is the original document (such as a marrage record, death record, land record, tombstone). A Secondary Source is often a compilation of a group of records (such as the marriage records of Clay County Missouri 1840-1870, cemetery records book, etc). Secondary Sources are prone to errors or omissions but are sometimes more easily accessible. A Primary Source is the best choice if you are able to view it.


  3. Demonstrate a census extraction for each of the following years:
    a. 1790-1840 (1 of these)
    b. 1850
    c. 1860
    d. 1870
    e. 1880
    f. 1900
    g. 1910
    h. 1920
    • See Census Extraction Forms. (under construction)


  4. Show a pedigree chart you have filled out for 5 generations. List the information you have been unable to learn and what efforts you have made to locate this information.
    • See example pedigree chart. (under construction)


  5. Show 20 family group records you have filled out and the documentation notes to go with the family group records.
    • See example family group record and documentation. (under construction)


  6. What is the purpose of documentation?
    • To provide factual or substantial support for statements made or a hypothesis proposed. To allow analysis of evidence of facts stated. To provide a cross reference if you find a conflict in your research.


  7. Write a query for more information that you might submit to a magazine or periodical on one of your family lines.
    • Example Query: Name of Pathfinder, Address. Searching for Descendants of Cornelius GILLIAM, born 1793 NC, married Mary CRAWFORD in 1821 in Clay Co. Missouri. Migrated to Oregon in 1844. Look for dates of birth, marriage information, death information, migration information to provide points of reference for those reading query.


  8. Describe the filing system you use to organize the material you collect on your family.
    • Filing can be done in a variety of ways. There are many "correct" answers to this question. The goal is to make sure the Pathfinder has a system thought out. Some exampes may be: File documents/letters in files labeled with the main surnames in my family tree. File documents by date received and make a list of associated surnames they correspond to.


  9. Write a letter to a relative requesting further information on your family.

Skill Level 2