Nr. 58

Origami  (YOU6052)


1. What is Origami?  Where did it come from?  How was it used and developed?

2. Identify the symbols for the following terms:

         a.            Valley fold                    g.            In front

        b.     Mountain fold                       h.            Behind

        c.      Cut                                     i.             Tuck in, open or apply force

        d.            Existing crease               j.             Fold over and over

        e.            Hold here                      k.            Turn model over

        f.             Watch this spot

3. Demonstrate folding the following folds:

          a.            Reverse fold                d.            Book fold

          b.            Squash fold                 e.            Preliminary fold

          c.            Petal fold                   f.             Blintz

4. Demonstrate folding the following bases:

           a.            Bird base

           b.            Waterbomb base

           c.            Frog base

5. Fold the following models:

           a.            House                                   d.            Housefly

           b.            Lotus blossom                        e.            Butterfly

           c.            Cicada

6. Choose four of the following models to fold or select similar models from Origami books:

           a.            Jumping Frog                          e.            Leaf

           b.            Carrier Pigeon                        f.             Walking dog

           c.            Sailboat                                g.            Duck

           d.            Hen

7. Fold one model of your choice from memory from requirement 5 or 6.

8. Illustrate a Bible story using several Origami models.

Skill Level 1